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Step Wave Synthesizer

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1.0 (Updated 4 months ago)
November 30, 2019
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LEADSTER is a synthesizer that generates step waves.

About the oscillator, “TWIN” and “CORE” are both step wave oscillators, but “TWIN” uses 4 levers (not a mixer) to create waveforms manually. This oscillator has the same two OSC, and “DETUNE” makes a spread. “CORE” is a simple operation to select a waveform with one knob.

The modulation section is a method that allows multiple devices to be selected. You can change the device by clicking on the circle icon.

A general ADSR envelope.

Modulator that moves in the AB section. Since there is also a loop function, it can be used like an LFO.

DX7 style envelope. Each level is bipolar and the sustain level is determined by L3. And also the start and end level are determined by L4.

- LOOP -
General LFO. A waveform modulation function was added.

A type of LFO that specifies the level of three points to pass. Good at sound like old arcade games.

4-step short loop sequencer. It can be used from sounds like arpeggiator to SFX.

Version 1.0 - debut


John Smith
4 months ago
Lovely, just lost the last hour messing around with the first few presets.