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Plucking Wild

4 Voice synth

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January 08, 2020
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This is a 4 voice polyphonic synth which generates highly effective sounds. Three of them are different oscillators operating FM and the fourth is a white noise. The synth is very effective for creating a wide range of pluck sounds as well as crazy FM synth.

With the three FM oscillators each modulating oscillator is different, while the carrier is always a sine wave. The effective parameters of the different oscillators can be modulated and detuned.

Osc 1 - Modulator: square wave and Carrier: sine wave modulating each other in FM synthesis. The pulse width can be modulated.

Osc 2 - Modulator: sawtooth wave and carrier: Sine Wave.

Osc 3 - Modulator: Sine wave and carrier: sine wave.

Noise - With the Noise one can create Karplus–Strong string synthesis. This is done by looping the noise through a filtered delay line to simulate the sound of a hammered or plucked string or some types of percussion. There is a second delay which works outside the Karplus-Strong string synthesis and is identical to the other oscillators.

On all the oscillators there are
- Highpass filter
- Bandpass filter
- Lowpass filter
- Resonance
Simple delay
- Dry/Wet
- Delay time in milliseconds
- Feedback

The Oscillators can all generate good plucking sounds, though there is no limiter on the synth. The user is advised to put on on their DAW if phucking wild sounds are not desired.