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Freeze and play

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Nick Dwyer
1 (Updated 11 months ago)
January 09, 2020
Reaktor 6
Effect Delay based


"Got a new gig so the first thing I opened was your Cloud. It's fuckin wicked. You'll be hearing it soon." RC Mann, co-composer AD ASTRA soundtrack.

CLOUD is a rework of a basic Reaktor cloud delay. Use it in a DAW via the Reaktor MFX plug-in. A few presets are available by the drop-down menu up top.

The freeze button does what it says and this is where it can get interesting. Using the mix button, live playing can continue while the frozen signal can be manipulated too via the various controls, sometimes with tuneful results!

The Demo with instrument version features a copy of Mikroprism with 24 Flintpope presets. If Mikroprism asks for registration this can be done via Native Access. If this doesn’t work or is too much bother delete MIkroprism and insert another Reaktor instrument of choice. Be sure to open in EDIT mode/instrument structure and hook up the outputs of the chosen instrument to the ins of CLOUD.

Or just open the Effect box only version in your DAW.

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Nick Dwyer
7 months ago
Hi Matthew Babineaux, I wonder if the reversed signal clicks and pops in relation to the specific sound signal that has been sampled inside the delay? Otherwise I have no advice I am afraid as I don't use Reaper but Ableton. Maybe try the version that comes in the DL with the instrument enclosed (MikroprismCLOUD.ens) and run it in standalone to see if it happens. I just tried it and while there is a certain poppiness to the preset "Tickering" set in reverse I wouldn't think of it as anything other than the way the effect works.
Matthew Babineaux
7 months ago
Excellent plugin, my only issue is that I'm getting pops and clicks when in reversed direction. I'm running this with Reaper. Any insight into how to get rid of this?
Nick Dwyer
10 months ago
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elisa martin
10 months ago
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Nick Dwyer
10 months ago
A pleasure, Tony
Tony Nekrews
10 months ago
Another goodie Nick. Cheers
Nick Dwyer
10 months ago
Thanks Daniel
Daniel Hogan
11 months ago
Interesting. Thank you. :)