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Polyrhythm Sequencer

6x64 polyrhythm sequencer with everything-per-step

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1.0 (Updated 11 months ago)
February 26, 2020
Reaktor 6


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Polyrhythm sequencer

If there will be demand for this, i'll create manual/video manual for this- we will se, if its complicated enough or not ;)

I'll improve this module, if people will find that usefull!

Use B side to edit the sequence

6x64 tracks, independent per step pitch, octave, gate, gate time, tie, velocity, ratchets, probability, slew, slew time, random, rate.

Independent sync source per track.

Input/output for optional pre-slew quantizer (check my other modules). Just use quantizer i/o from sequencer into i/o on quantizer and use sequencer gate into quantizer gate input.

On B side, use GLOBAL CONTROLS buttons, to use first global row to control all tracks at once (if you are not using polyrhythm).

Each track has its own mod matrix, with 4 internal sources and 2 external (A and B), into 3 destinations, rate, random, slew

You can record sequence from keyboard in real time, or per step basis (use Step sync mode), with optional octave, velocity and rests (use Rest button for that, near Hold button). There is also motion recording knob, select destination and hit rec to record motion record knob into chosen destination- it can record only changes (rec changes mode) or current state of the knob (rec state mode).

Mod 1-3 tracks can serve as velocity, ratchets and probability control, use corresponding buttons on far right from those (those are not affected by the slew time).

In pitch input mode, sequence is auto-transposed to the key you played, in constant mode its just played from middle C. To play without input, use Hold mode and click Play or hold a key in Pitch input mode (remember to use gate input aswell). Without Hold mode, you have to hold the key (gate) to hear sequencer playing.

Known issues: -when live recording sequence in up/down mode (or any other alternating mode), first step is duplicated with last one. Im not going to fix this, its not usefull in my opinion to record in that mode, and its too much work to go around this at this point
-when per-step recording, you have to use input in "legato mode", otherwise it will record 1 step late
-some trigger actions need correct order timeing, in sequencer like this (with independent clocks for each track) its rly hard to force this- so, some things like modulating per step random or slew time from mod matrix, might act werid (usually, its 1 step later than you expected, you can use Step offset knobs to fix this for now)


9 months ago
Thanks for the block. Great job!
Michał Gąsiorowski
9 months ago
@ChuckRuh: i might create video at some point, but connection is quite straightforward: its standarized block naming, so use pitch inputs with pitch outputs, gates with gates and so on. One difference is quantizer in and out, which is created for my other block, other than that, you have to connect it like any other module. To use it outside reaktor, use "note out" module from reaktor native "utility" category, but you have to use gates shorter than 100% for it to work, otherwise it will not separate notes one from another. Just connect pitch and gate output from sequencer into pitch and gate input of midi out block. Then, if you want to transpose sequences, use pitch and gate output from "midi note in" native block, into pitch and gate input of the sequencer
9 months ago
Hi Michal, i´m very interested in polyrythm but still have hard times understanding, connecting and getting things to work in Reaktor sometimes. Does your sequencer work only with Reaktor Blocks and instruments or can I e.g. connect it to Battery 4 or other VST´s in my DAW (outside of Reaktor)? A video tutorial on how to set up and connect this sequencer for Reaktor internal ensembles or external VST´s in DAW´s, would be so helpful for beginners (dummys :-)) like me. And of of course how the rest of it works. :-)
Stephan Bobinger
10 months ago
Víctor Bernardino de Castro
11 months ago
Michał Gąsiorowski
11 months ago
@Paule: there is A/B mod, its just diferent way you add modulation- with allways visible knobs vs. disapering sliders. It has to be like that, there are internal modulations which makes a lot of sense so A/B mods are with them on one matrix
11 months ago
Michał, please set A/B mod in or it isn't a Block. Myself build instruments with A/B mod but I don't call them Blocks because they do not correspond to the status of a BLOCK.
Michał Gąsiorowski
11 months ago
@philipe: also, make sure that your envelope generator release/decay is short enough to hear it ;)
Michał Gąsiorowski
11 months ago
@philippe: ratchets should work just fine, but note few things: -you have to activate it (button on far right on ratchet track) -its always unslewed, regardles of slew settings -its either 2, 3 or 4 ratchets (more negative and positive setting, more ratchets with 4 at maximum/minimum setting) -make sure that ratchet track is "sort of" similar sync source to gate, its easier to test it in host mode for all tracks with the same subdivision just to figure it out BUT if you'll find something strange, let me know! Thanks
Philippe Loiseau
11 months ago
@michal : I noticed some strange behaviours with ratchets but I must go deeper.
Michał Gąsiorowski
11 months ago
@Paule - done
11 months ago
please compress your upload with zip or rar - thanks
Michał Gąsiorowski
11 months ago
Let me know if you find any major bugs, its quite big and complicated so its hard to test it correctly by myself! Im aware of some know-issues, ive pointed those at the end of the description!