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Triangle Polyrhythm Sequencer

Outputs polyrhythm MIDI-note based on ball in a triangle

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1.0 (Updated 2 years ago)
March 11, 2020
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Instrument Sequencer


This sequencer creates polyrhythm pattern, that is simulated rebounding ball in a triangle. This ball continue moving eternally, because gravity and decay are ignored.
Three walls named A, B, C, assigned Bass drum, Hi-hat, Snare in sound examples. Parameters affects to rhythm are "N"and "k" and Tempo only.
Please connect MIDI output to your virtual instrument in DAW, and input short-single MIDI note (important) to start. Then, reset by CC64 (pedal) to stop. I think this program is so far from perfect, but please try it if you are interested in some ideas.


Kohtaro Fujishima
2 years ago
Oh, I didn't expected such many downloads and can receive warm comments. Very glad, thanks! I uploaded demo songs with figure explanation (about "N" and "k"). Please watch these to understand how parameter affects rhythm.
Jonathan Stubbs
2 years ago
The demo is fascinating. You hear that there is a subdivision, then all these wonderful overlapping, non-synchronized cycles of rhythm. It's very effective! Ah, goes to an old school waltz for a moment, then back to "Eat Your Goddamn Spinach" again.
Chris Kowal
2 years ago
Still trying to get my head around this, but love it so far. Great work.
Philippe Loiseau
2 years ago
Interesting and fun, even with non-percussive sounds. And yes, modifying vel seems to generate lost note-off (driving "external" virtual synth)