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A'Ta'Ir Ourn 2.1

Extinct noises and pads - Dark sounds for dark times

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2.1 (Updated 1 month ago)
March 22, 2020
Reaktor 6


- ADD: MMP 1.6
- ADD: MRC 085a
- ADD: aXtrema from pandoro
- FIX: gate smooth

Controlled by MRC two sample oscillators mod by aural exciter streams to filter, flanger, delay and reverb.

Guenter Hager, Dietrich Pank, Jörg Holzamer, Alexander Potekhin, Cris List, Kristian Thom, Colin Brown, Don Philipps, Jochen Frehse, Dieter Zobel, Martijn Zwartjes, Martin Jann, Chet Singer, Thala Estra, Rick Scott, Gerald Clemens Hauzenberger, Vedran Vuk, Uwe G. Hoenig, Z Gabr, Philippe Loiseau, Jonathan Adam Leonhard, Grusik.

The honor deserve to HG Fortune for his beautiful ideas.
Passed away in autumn 2014.

More sample maps

Using Lazy button 'All' extremly Reaktor crashed eventually.

Hints are shown with circled 'i' in upper right corner of Reaktor's tool bar or (ALT+I). Move the mouse arrow over the knob and read the info.

After long tail delays please switch off/ on the audio engine (CTR+R) to start with a fresh sound.

Snapshots for demo only.
Commercial use is permitted.


elisa martin
1 month ago
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Greg Killmaster
1 month ago
Paule, I'm really liking the improvements in the sound with this version. It seems like the morph transitions are smoother somehow which doesn't seem like an easy thing to accomplish with sample based stuff.
Philippe Loiseau
2 months ago
The eagle flies
2 months ago
Thanks Greg. Copy the MMP macro with a right click via context menue and paste it in MRC ism. It work in instruments also as in ensembles.
Greg Killmaster
2 months ago
dedicated morph panel on the MRC would be cool too!
Greg Killmaster
2 months ago
Omg! The sounds coming from this thing! These seem to keep getting better! I do wish I could comprehend the innards a little more. I may try and make an initialized preset so I can follow how the parameters are working one at a time. Thanks for this!