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Digital Heartbeat sounds over a water type sound

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1.3 (Updated 1 year ago)
April 17, 2020
Reaktor 6


Digital Heartbeat sounds over a water type sound. There are several presets already saved going from the most harsher sounding sound to melodic-ish. Feel free to modify as you please. Will be working on additional extensions in the upcoming versions.

Much better sounding now as Subtracter was not properly connected.
1. Subtraction output was not connected to Digilog Quantizer B. Now fixed and connected.
2. Substituted direct gate from Clock input into Kodiak Duality OSC and received pitch from Multiwave OSC
3. Sent Modulation OSC output from the Duality OSC to Multiwave OSC Reset input and sent the Out Mix to the Monark ADS Envelope
4. Added the Subtraction Preset

1. Added another Multiwave Oscillator and rewired it to have a 2 OSC loop
2. Added 2 new Presets - 1. The Valve 2. The Artery

1. Added a Metaphysical Function (Mike Daliot, James Walker-HallSpeedy J, Hannes Strobl, Mike Daliot, Machinehead, Richard Devine, BT, Telefon Tel Aviv, Christian Kjeldsen, Daniel Santucci) to get a hospital heart machine beep effect and routed it through a Studio Mixer.
2. Added the Red Cross Preset which sounds like a heart rate monitor in the background