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snapshots for Nick's Prism mod

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1.0 (Updated 7 months ago)
May 05, 2020
Reaktor 6
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And a background with brighter matrix
Two snaps for the demo: Binaural Dropout and Botanical Cloud Dime


Amira Hani
3 months ago
Sehr schön, Paule ich bin sogleich in einer anderen Welt :)
David Coffin
6 months ago
Wow, this a double-whammy to be sure: Nick's so-welcome reworking and your amazing snaps, really some of the best synth tones I've heard in a LONG time (Twelfth Ode! Cooper Planet! I'll be back often). Thanks guys!
Nick Dwyer
7 months ago
Paule, just worked it out. How dumb am I! You load your background into View B in edit mode. I really like your presets and love their evocative, surreal titles.
Nick Dwyer
7 months ago
Hey Paule! "Your Paragraph negates Woofer", "Neither Bluefish Canister". Should there also be an ensemble in the zip to show the alternative View B?
Nick Dwyer
7 months ago
Nice one Paule. Thanks.