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Random – One-button synth

Completely random FM synth presets. Once gone, lost forever.

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Tom Jarvis
1.0 (Updated 5 months ago)
August 10, 2020
Reaktor 6


This synth is a single-button synth that generates random presets every time the button is hit. It is for inspiration and exploring how synths are made.

Note: it won't save presets, as it is all about exploring sound, so make sure to sample any sounds you enjoy.

It is well documented inside with lots of comments for beginners to learn what is going on. I recommend you open it up and make your own tweaks, as well as saving some of the macros that are useful to you.


igor beuk
1 month ago
record, put i sampler than conect mod to sample start and sc fi sonds under control
Philippe Loiseau
5 months ago
nice idea, thanks
Stanley Magendanz
5 months ago
Excellent! Thank you