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1.1 (Updated 17 years ago)
October 21, 2001
Reaktor 5 or lower
Instrument Sampler


This is version 1.1 of ChopFactoryPlease DO NOT download the previous version (simply called ChopFactory).Now in version 1.1 the problem with the Chop Delay feature has been fixed!This fix has also for some reason made the keyboard much more responsive during keyboard play.What I basically did was to get rid of a lot of unnecessary A/E modules. The Adj button which previously was there as help for Chop Delay has been turned into a feature instead. I'm very pleased with this ens now, and I hope you'll try it. Tutorial included. Please read it.- Two samples included for the presets (the ZIP file is 702 KB).- Made with Reaktor 3.04.I'm including the description for the previous version of ChopFactory, so users get hits on this version instead. Sorry for the inconvenience.----------------------------------------This is a bigger version of ChopMachine, so I'll just mention the new features.- In addition to the Move and Shrink/expand controls, which I'll call chop controls (a chop is basically the same as a grain in Reaktor language), there are now chop controls for Attack, Decay, Pan, Pitch and backward/forward (Bw/Fw). As an example, a Decay chop control allows you to control the decay of a single drum in a drumloop, and you can adjust the Decay for max 8 chops (e.g drums). All the mentioned chop controls work similarly. There is now a tiny on/off button for each of the chop controls.- A new feature that I really wanted in ChopFactory, is the Chop Delay feature. It is a chop control feature that allows you to use delay on only one chop (e.g a single drum in a drumloop). This feature is pretty unreliable, and I've had to include an adjust knob to make it usable (see tool tip and tutorial for more info). I've included two independent Chop Delays. You can always leave them off if you find them unusable, but I'm using them and that's why they're there.- I've removed the selection of 3,4,6 and 12 chops/steps (cause I never used them), and there are now only 8 and 16 chops/steps.- I've written an updated tutorial for many of the presets, and there are now 32 presets.- Lots of tool tips.- Still pretty low CPU load (depending of the number of features you're using, of course).------------------------------------------Send any comments to