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Heavens Bells - Ambient Patch with generative elements

Relaxing ambient patch with generative elements

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1.0 (Updated 8 months ago)
September 04, 2020
Reaktor 6
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Hopefully inspiring.

The idea of this patch is similar to the "Ocean" patch which I uploaded a few month ago. But is has some different approaches (for example the "generating method" of the chords is different).

This patch is based on four elements:

A step sequencer controls the pitch of 4 VCOs and plays a little chord prorgession. To make the chords a little bit evolving some parameters are modulated with an LFO.

A second sequencer plays a randomized melody on another VCO. To give it a harmonic structure the notes are within the root chord of the chord progression. Time is controlled via a modulated clock divider.

Just to give the patch some deep frequencies...

Modulated noise generator to make some windy, ocean inspired ambient noise.


Christopher Albanese
4 months ago
Hmm, I'm getting "Processor Overload" trying to run in the latest version of Ableton and standalone; is there something I need to tweak?
Isaac Garza
6 months ago
A beautiful soundscape for meditation and chilling.... very very nice my friend! And thanks for your generosity in sharing your amazing creations!
Sebastian Zangar
7 months ago
Philippe Loiseau
8 months ago
nice patch !
Quinn Hanratty
8 months ago
Very nice sounds
Dmytro Bidnyak
8 months ago