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Ultra high resolution sine

ultra high resolution sine approximation core macro

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September 18, 2020
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Comparison between
-) standard core sine macro ("SineApprox 7th odd"),
-) a high resolution sine from user library by Jan Brähler:
-) and an even higher resolution sine "SineApprox Shustov Tab5 m4" based on this paper:
"Approximation of functions by two-point Hermite interpolating polynomials", 2015, Victor Vladimirovich Shustov

-) Manual numeric comparison
-) Display of the sine- and difference-function
-) Scope and FFT Analyzer for further details

Purpose: experimentation, studies, very special cases
Note: Higher resolution approximations are less efficient and inaudible in most cases


4 months ago
I made a 20 bit lookup table using xcel. It is 1920k in size and 32 bit import. Curious how it compares to sine approximations. It's most accurate at 192k sample rate at .1 hz At that frequency every phase angle is addressed . I've used it to compare distortions between approximations. I can't upload it here but it's in the forums under 192k high resolution sine wave. There's a 9th order made by a friend in there and it is really good.
Elbo Jones
9 months ago
Very interesting...thank you, friend.