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complex trigger sequencer x4

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September 26, 2020
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Instrument Sequencer


Here you have four channels of gates/triggers, each containing a set of sequencers that modulate:
-Step length
-Step probability

Each of the four sequences has its own adjustable length (1-16), position offset, and clock division factor. Add to that the aforementioned step length modulation, which is basically a per-step clock division, and you have the potential for some really wild polyrhythm and polymeter. The thing is basically a half-decent jazz drummer.

This is not a Block, per se (lol it's entirely primary modules in fact), but it is Blocks height for easy integration into your racks. Triggerbeast uses internal clock source only, and is dependent on host tempo (just push play!). Updates may include more options regarding this.

Note: When the CLKDIV is higher than 1 in a sequence, it starts slightly later than the undivided sequences. I'm looking into this. Or, if you know what's up, let me know!!