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Cirrus.Grain Block

A real-time granulizer with time-stretching and pitch

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1.01 (Updated 8 months ago)
September 27, 2020
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This is a granularizing block built with primary components, augmented with coding in core to be block and rack-ready. The effect accepts stereo input and has inputs for key-pitched notes and freezing segments of incoming audio. It has available ABC mod Inputs, a mod bypass, and a power switch to send a dry-sound on-the-fly. Grain loops can be scanned in 4 different modes (linear/ exponential/ logarithmic/sine curve).

This is has been a block that has been more or less finished for a while now but I've had found it difficult to find the motivation and time to get it ready for consumption.

I have a more extensive version of this effect based on the primary cloud granulizer, gauging from reaction to this upload I may or may not upload that one.

A lot of work went into preparing this block for public consumption. If you feel so inclined please feel free to send a donation to:


Matt Ralyea
1 month ago
Really enjoyed your work! Thank you!
igor beuk
6 months ago
it is hard for everyone but we are pushing for the whole comunity. i hope you will find some inspiration to just make it even better for us dron lovers,we want granular to be musical like in pad shop2. you can do it and then in my case from my music i will invest at least how much i can but not to stay hungry
7 months ago
This is a great little block! Crystal-clear granulation of dropped samples or real-time inputs. This takes ordinary or familiar ensembles into new dimensions/ from Model-T to Hotrod. Love the pitch/mix setup which allows doubling/offset voicing of a mono signal. Having a pure "Wet" signal (which sounds GREAT!) allows modulation of instruments lacking this option. AND a bypass for the lot! Thanks for sharing, you must be the bane of the NI beancounters Joey Valizan (but if OC you CAN donate, you SHOULD) - one to watch! ...
Pablo Bastian
7 months ago
You create some of the coolest granulators Joey! CirrusGRAIN is a monster granulator and is my absolute no.1 favorite. Keep spoiling us :)
Timothy Duffie
8 months ago
Love this!
Quinn Hanratty
8 months ago
Thank you! It sounds great.
Guillaume Richard
8 months ago
thanks Joey!:) pls upl the other too.
Brett Lavallee
8 months ago
Awesome, thank you.