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TG-8H Live + beat controlled shaper + spacemaster 2+ grainstates

FX Sound Design Ensemble combination

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November 16, 2020
Reaktor 6


I used the TG-8H live Version from lazyfish

( )
edited by Rick Scott

and added a beat controlled shaper after in the signal flow and added a spacemaster 2 and grainstates as send FX.


Jerome Santiago
1 month ago
haha great stuff.
2 months ago
Stephan, I update my SKREWELL hack slomomo to version 1.4 both (Skrewell and double TG8 Live and z) added by AutoGate. Two new demos
Stephan Bobinger
2 months ago
@Paule ha i downloaded it ages ago but never tried it i think. let me have a look
2 months ago
Thanks Stephan. Do you try to use AutoGate? ---