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Record mutes onto the timeline in maschine (MK3 and M+)

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January 22, 2021
Reaktor 6


Basically (and I accept it's no genius move) it is a library module volume control that has a mute button on it already. All I did was assign the mute button to respond to a C1 midi note.

How I use it:

1. I have a pre-saved Mixer Group with an instance of this on every slot and every pad already set on C1.
2. Anything I want to mute then gets routed to a slot on this group (be it single, multiple tracks or entire groups).
3. Create a new pattern on this group that is the length of how long you want to record for (or just create a clip in Arranger view).
4. Hit record and press the corresponding pads to mute the signal and again to unmute - this records as MIDI data which can then quantized, edited, deleted, moved etc).

That's it. Works on both software and M+. You can also use the volume on the module as a bonus to record fades. Both the Mute and Volume controls appear as Maschine control knobs as well.


3 weeks ago
Forgot to say, it works best if you have the velocity FIXED on the hardware otherwise it may not always seem to respond depending upon how hard you hit the pad.