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Welcome to the wild side of space

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1.5 (Updated 2 months ago)
September 02, 2021
Reaktor 5 or lower
Effect Delay based


Spacetrix is a versatile Matrix reverb, that doesn’t stop at pure reverbs. Delays, Chorus and Flanging FX are also possible - and lots of stuff in between. I especially like the delays that kind of dissolve into reverbs. It can also produce „larger than life“ spaces with long decay times (up to 1000 Seconds). To control these spaces you can seamlessly switch to a second decay time - manually or triggered by the input signal. The reverb can be ducked or gated by the input signal. There is also a "decay-rate-EQ" to drastically alter the character (Compare presets „Plate“, „Large Hall“ and „Rising“)

New in 1.5
- reflection taper curve now adjustable between linear and exponential, the difference is subtle, exponential sometimes sounds more organic to me

New in 1.4
- added pre-delay, negative values affect the original signal for "reverse" reverb

New in 1.3
- Added Diffusers for improved density and lusher reverbs and rooms

New in 1.2
- Lower on the CPU
- sorted snapshots

New in 1.1
- Taper Slider to emphasize later or earlier reflections
- 2 (out of 8) reflections can be tempo synced in bpm mode
- refined decay auto damping
- new parameters: lowcut and stereo width


Paul Jarrett
1 week ago
Dang, dude, this really good! Been playing my Strat through this all afternoon, and every patch sounds amazing. This is a pro-level app!
Rene Hofer
3 weeks ago
Kev Hopper
1 month ago
Superb. Thank you.
2 months ago
OMG that demos! Awesome work man!
2 months ago
Dieter Zobel
2 months ago
viel Dank, grossartig
2 months ago
3 months ago
Great reverb, very flexible!
Václav Pajkrt
3 months ago
Wow! Nice reverb
3 months ago
3 months ago
Agreed Paule. But this verb gets dropped into a lot of my ens because it is already fantastic, so updates are guaranteed joy. Thanks for this.
Rob Gee
3 months ago
Demos sound great, excellent work!
3 months ago
Yeah, as bindlestiff told about seqs is also for reverbs: never have enough!
1 year ago
You can never have enough verbs. This is awesome thank you!
Stefan Westphal
1 year ago
Thank you! Great work.
Wolfgang Kroon
1 year ago
nice, thank you..
Raj Bobby RK
1 year ago
Thank you very much Jörg brother, is very nice stereo space echo. Thanks again for the hard work you did for us. God bless you brother!
1 year ago
Bee Feltham
1 year ago
Excellent sound and easy to use, thank you!
Laurence Ketchin
1 year ago
I love it. Great work!
phillip bova
1 year ago