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Lofi Wavetable Block

A lofi 80's inspired wavetable oscillator

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David X
1.5 (Updated 1 week ago)
September 16, 2021
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A lofi wavetable oscillator 'Nano Block' with built-in wavetables. The block emulates the sound of an oscillator chip from an 80s digital keyboard. There are additional ports available from the structure view to control the simulated clock rate, jitter and saturation level of the DAC.

Version 1.2 - Fixed initialization issue.
Version 1.3 - Added 'Saturation' port.
Version 1.4 - Added a 'Pitch To Rate' port, to control the frequency of the simulated audio clock using a pitch signal.
Version 1.5 - Added 'Wavetable Lofi Extra Controls' block, a bank of 6 extra knobs to control the extra functions of the block, that are normally only available from the structure view (see example rack).


Guillaume Richard
1 month ago
very very cool! thanks
Mikel Casanova
1 month ago
Awesome! ty. Loving all your blocks
1 month ago
Thank you kindly!
Robert Savell
1 month ago
Sweet! Hope Mario doesn't get too tired, running up and down those ladders. :-]