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2.0 (Updated 16 years ago)
December 07, 2001
Reaktor 5 or lower


spreaDer_v2for reaKtor 3.04an update of the original spreaDer, happy little retro-SF sound engine.fine-tuned various parameters, added dePth (bass boost), midi support (so you can drive it from a keyboard or midi file in addition to the mouseBoard), and new snapshots."spreaDer" refers to spreAd control which changes the unison spread, producing symmetric chord-tones.if you have cpu problems, reduce the 32/8/4 voicing to 24/6/3 (or less). dominus cum spirit two-two oh.rachMiel11/2001


chris scott
8 years ago
Yeah, but whats a contOl lol? Anyway this is riGht taSty, not middling at all.
Heath Rezabek
15 years ago
for those taking the Complete Works of rachMiel tour, this appears to be the first work using his notorious miDst of wOrd capitAlization. in titLe as well as contOls! :) -aqaraza