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Roland JP-8000

Roland JP-8000 Emulation

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1.0 (Updated 3 months ago)
April 16, 2022
Reaktor 6


Roland JP-8000 Emulation by DJ Sunborn

You already know this since years and there are already few emulations of it in the user library, but since this is one of my top favorite synths i wanted to make a big, unique and "glorious" version of it, with full quality graphics and some one-of-a-kind presets! This is NOT an exact emulation of the synth, but rather something beyond, which however is based on the JP-8000 principles.

Main Features:
* 2 separated sections, Instrument or Sequencer
* 5-Octave interactive Keyboard with voice & pitch spread, velocity, aftertouch
* Poly, Mono, Legato modes
* Amp, Filter & Pitch Envelopes
* Main Oscillator (Quad-Supersaw, Triangle, Noise, Sine, Square, Saw modes)
* Secondary Oscillator (Saw, Sine, Square, Triangle modes)
* 2 LFO's
* Filter (Moog 4-Pole LP + 2-Pole LP, BP, HP)
* Ribbon Controller witch controls the Filter Cutoff and Resonance
* Arpeggiator (not the typical style -which i found it very limited- but rather a sequenced arp)
* Sequencer (for this to work, you need to click the Reaktor's play button)
* FX (Stereo EQ, Delay and Chorus)

* On most parts you can use Sequencer, OSC1, LFO or Filter Envelope as modulators.
* I avoided to recreate the exact sounds of the synth or to make some generic presets (basses, pads etc.) since there are already millions of them available! Instead i preferred to created some unique and interesting arpeggios, loops and weird sounds.

* Sequencer based on Notenspieler by Didier Leboz 2017, i did few changes but mainly it is his work.
* Quad-Supersaw OSC based on several other supersaw's i found here in the user library, however this is different, more rich and more fat!
* FX and part of the keyboard code are taken and reworked from some legacy modules found on my old library. Unfortunately they contain no info about the original author. Please let me know if you recognize your work so i can credit you too!
* Special thanks to Salamander Anagram and David Earl! A big part of my work was learned from their tutorials.
* All graphics are made by me, except of the base background of the synth, which i took from a JP-8000 hardware editor and re-worked it on Photoshop. There i created all the other parts on it.

Fair Use: Feel free to use it as you like, to improve it by yourself or to use parts of it where ever you like, however as long as you use it as is, please do not remove author info. It took me almost 5 months to make it (...and yes, I'm still a newbie!). Please notify me if you find any bugs (or some better way to do things), thank you.

Disclaimer: This is NOT an official emulation of JP-8000 by Roland. This ensemble has been created for fun, inspirational and educational purposes. Original trademark and copyright ©1996 by Roland.


Vladimir Trinity
1 month ago
Hm. Since I have an original hardware it will be interesting to check it anyway. The GUI of it looks nice :)
2 months ago
@Forrest Gore, ok i understand what you mean now.... well, i am not an expert so probably i misses several obvious improvements... but thanks to your comments and observations, i will fix them in the updated version, sometime in the near future! :-)
Forrest Gore
2 months ago
What i mean is everything sounds Mono in my headphones, like there is no stereo spread. I have played the Mono / Poly stuff in the bottom right, but everything still sounds like it is dead center and flat on my headphones.
2 months ago
@Forrest Gore ...because you probably are in the Mono mode! You can change it to Poly (or Legato), the functions are in the left side of the keyboard
Forrest Gore
2 months ago
Why does it sound so mono?
3 months ago
Thanks a lot dear people, happy that you like it :-) ...meanwhile i'm working on a new one!
3 months ago
This is awesome!
Jack Cimino
3 months ago
There's a paid JP-8000 emulation for Reaktor coming soon, and it's called the Chro-8080. I would also love to see an AN1X emulation.
3 months ago
This is great, love the presets, very creative and great sounding, good work and thx for sharing! - Moonbot
3 months ago
Dropped a couple of cool delay/verbs from the UL in with this beautiful beastie and wrote off an evening exploring the sonic potentials. Nice work! Thanks for sharing.
3 months ago
Wow, this has so many great aspects, I am just floored. You are a fine one, DJ Sunborn! ty
3 months ago
Only one thing is missing, the Feedback Oscillator... i tried some solutions from the user library here, but didn't worked as expected so i removed it... i will try to study the case and add it in a future update!
3 months ago
Thank you Strahinja Kozic, Irene Wiley, hope to enjoy it (as i do) :-)
Strahinja Kozic
3 months ago
synthesizer is too expensive for me, thank you for the free plugin Kris!!
Irene Wiley
3 months ago
This is Magnificent!!!! Omg!!! DJ Sunborn Thank you!!!
3 months ago
Thanks a lot Kris!
Kris Kylven
3 months ago
Top Notch, design , palette of sounds and great massive EBM bass sounds... well done