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2.0 (Updated 16 years ago)
December 27, 2001
Reaktor 5 or lower
Instrument Sampler


vortexEngine_v2for reaktor 3.05version 2 of vortexEngine, which takes a single sample or a sample map and creates a rich, complex, swirling sonic vortex from it.use pAtch to conjur up new vortexes. use the mouseBoard controls to specify which parameters are controlled by x/y mouseBoard drags.vortexEngine_v2 is very sensitive to the number of voices specified. the default strythian map works well with 5 voices; your samples/maps might require more or fewer voices.merry vortexing! :-) rachMiel12/2001


Sinisa Jagarinec
16 years ago
cool! emulates nearly an waterphone
rachmiel schott
18 years ago
note that, for some strange reason, my win32 platform requires<BR>that i select each snapshot *twice* for it to work correctly! <BR>tia to anyone who can fix this ... :-) <BR><BR>rachMiel