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January 02, 2002
Reaktor 5 or lower


Rekursiv ringmodulating organ with repeat engine.


david bick
4 years ago
this is STILL one of the best ens I've found in the library. such a unique and expressive synth.
cool breeze
10 years ago
After all these years I'm glad I found it alive and well. Straight in my main folder.
Dieter Zobel
15 years ago
after years it's still a mystery
wolfgang spiegelburg
17 years ago
interesting to be explored!!
raphael esterson
18 years ago
Simply beautiful
Kevin Hopper
19 years ago
One of the truly great synthesisers/art machines in the library. A feast of harmonics, rough jarring effects and noise interludes from the chaos pad distinguish it from the pack. Remarkable.
Phil Durrant
19 years ago
have a look at this and and you will learn a lot about reaktor. same with all kreie's stuff