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March 23, 2002
Reaktor 5 or lower
Instrument Sequencer


Greek FM synth with funny sekwenzaeon&effectos modulakis


Jonas Broberg
11 years ago
Wonderful! It almost sounds like jamming on a Buchla 200!
Ashley Marians
14 years ago
is this old enough to qualify as "vintage"? still great.
Antonio Blanca
17 years ago
nice¡¡¡¡¡¡this work fine in my ibook g3/800 *-)thanks Dieter
Kevin Hopper
17 years ago
One more to say I think this is one of the greatest instruments in the library. It's absolutely unique, capable of startling rhythmic sequences and bizarre modulations. Definately in my top 5!
San Barry
18 years ago
Works on Ti PowerBook G4 500 Mhz 1 Gig RAM R4. Thanks for making this!
Kevin Hopper
18 years ago
An extraordinary creation. And he's 'Didier' to Reaktor lovers - not 'Dieter'.
Phil Durrant
18 years ago
a classic from didier leboz (as we also know him). very flexible 3 voice synth, a lovely the 3 voice sequencer. fantastic modulation possibilitiies including the Env. in fact the modulators are ingenius. also the echo and reverb have their own unique character. the only thing stopping me giving this 10, is that at first it is not easy to understand what is happening. but clicks ;-)