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July 25, 2002
Reaktor 5 or lower
Instrument Sequencer


a drummachine-like sequencer with8 synth-voices/scenes andmulti-fx unit.instrument: martin brinkmannsnapshots: kay lippert, martin brinkmann


Eric Curkendall
9 years ago
my second time downloading this one! Got so much out of it in 2004-2006!
Wouter Spekkink
11 years ago
Superb Beatbox. Really great sound
Michael Roberts
11 years ago
grrrrrrRRREATTT!!! 1 of my fav. b-boxes.
Colin Consterdine
12 years ago
There are many Reaktor rhythm devices that could actually be regarded as musical 'releases. The snaps on this one could easily be the tracks from a glitchy Dub CD - and these are just the examples of how to use the machine - remarkable! Thanks so much for yet another amazing sonic toy
spencer crazy
14 years ago
incredible sound!!!!!! cojonudo!!!
John Kammeyer-Mueller
14 years ago
excellent. cheap in terms of cpu, randomization creates a slew of new and very unique sounds, and the effects bank is the best i've seen from any rhyt.
Antonio Blanca
15 years ago
good sound and experimental tool thanks martin,now my sessions are more fun¡¡¡¡¡¡
Mario Unterköfler
15 years ago
Wow, this rocks! Very cool instrument for extended improvisations, I really like it! Also works fine on my old Titanium. Tons of fun so far. Thanks!