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Ghost Engine v2


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0.1 (Updated 17 years ago)
February 17, 2003
Reaktor 5 or lower


Ghost Engine v2for reaktor 3.xadded jitter to the pitch and speed get the simple, machine-like looping quality of v1, turn off all the jitters.rachMiel2/2003


Christopher Soulos
13 years ago
Saw the ad, bought the software, read the name, found the synths. Downloaded stuff. Love it!
Joshua Rochowiak
14 years ago
where did you learn all these cool things? I buy Computer music each month for your article, and the software of course
shawn gilbert
14 years ago
hello rachmiel,i've just learned how to navigate through here,and want to say though i'm busy with all my own projects,i can't wait to start using the very cool .ens's i've gotten from your contributions...thank you for your time. smgplus3
Alexander Freeman
14 years ago
digital dustdevils
Blas Ezquerro
15 years ago
Alguien recuerda aquel relato de H.P.Lovecraft acerca de un violinista que recorria el mundo buscando "EL SONIDO"No busques mas Esta aqui.INCREIBLE, BRUTAL MARAVILLOSO
Marco Konrad
15 years ago
A very cool engine!
Rich Young
17 years ago
Very spooky, I like it.
noblecourt stephane
17 years ago
" " [:-) (-:] _^_ cool !!!
Jens Focke
17 years ago
Kevin Hopper
18 years ago
Yes.... the shadow at the top of the stairs. The sudden breeze that blows across the back of your neck. Be afraid. Sentience in the shadows wooooooooooooooo............
Michael Moncur
18 years ago
Wow! Beautiful.
Jacek Tuschewski
18 years ago
Very interesting, one could listen to some of the snapshots for hours.