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Auto-generate MAP files from WAV files (in Perl)

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0.2 (Updated 18 years ago)
May 24, 2003
Reaktor 5 or lower
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This is a Perl program that scans subdirectories for wav files; for each wav it generates a Reaktor 3 Map that points to the wav, with loops settings you can specify in the program.

I wrote this because I want to drag and drop *single* wave files into samplers, and Reaktor 3+4 will keep on adding them to the map. Reaktor 4, because it defaults to map types in file load, requires even more clicks to load just one wave over an existing wave.

The code in here could be used to write a program that combines waves into a map on the basis of file name.

Needs a Perl and basic knowledge of using Perl scripts; I used ActivePerl (free)

(v 02 adds readme file)