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Sampler w/ turntable-like pitch modulation, bandpass; spatializer, mixer--for live performance

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0.1 (Updated 17 years ago)
July 16, 2003
Reaktor 5 or lower
Instrument Sequencer


Description for Reaktor/Session Users:
jambientRkt Light is a Reaktor ensemble designed for live jamming with samples, geared to ambient-style sound making and nonrythmical audio collage. It's designed to be played inside the Reaktor interface (rather than to be played through MIDI input).

It consists of three instruments: jamLoop, a sample player and manipulator; jamPaneer, for dynamic panning and spatial effects (lets you 'throw' sounds so they bounce back and force in the stereo image); jamFadulator, for fading channels up and down (including 'motorized' fade up/ fade down, crossfaders, and a two dimensional cross fader that lets you control four sets of channels simulateneously).

Try playing by building up patterns, then dropping new samples into the jamLoops--for gradual layering. Works nicely with both musical samples and nature sounds, sound fx, etc.

Please look at the tutorial in the ensemble, or the pdf or rtf documents included.

Description for Reaktor Designers:
A lot of effort in coding jambientRkt Light is in the user interface: using a gestural, 'reactive' graphical interface, rather than a lot of knobs or tables.

The ensemble demonstrates various sorts of motorized faders, and using 'throwing' in XY pads to make dynamic modulators/pattern generators.

v 0.1 - initial release (v5.1.63 in my numbering)


Mark Mcdonald
13 years ago
I rocked out!
daniel battaglia
15 years ago
i tried this a bit late, eh? really good, a 10 in my book - can't wait to explore the rest of your jambient stuff!
Sönke Düwer
18 years ago
Artur Nowak
18 years ago
Pure fun! Very original, experimental!
gueguen nicolas
18 years ago
Great!! A programmation masterpiece! Intuitive and easy to learn(Thanx for the tutorial :) ) Keep Going !
Gary Hawkins
18 years ago
A fine piece of work! I look forward to more from David I will include this when I finally appear live in 2005!!! DH
Thomas Watson
18 years ago
Original, fun to use(and watch ;)).