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Oscillo fellatio

Monosynth with mod matrix panel and the beloved ladder filter

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1.0 (Updated 15 years ago)
July 30, 2003
Reaktor 5 or lower


My attempt to stay true to the idea that a good synth doesnt need to be a sea o\' knobs. You can get a good variety of tones with how few knobs you have comparitively. Conceived off of the manymood ens. But quite different. Each oscillator has its own portamento and so does the filter keyboard tracking. The filters are multimode with the ability to mix the different filter types. Each osc can modulate the others via fm, rm, and wave sync. And with the different glide speeds you can screw up the harmonics of the waveforms as you move from note to note. This is the concept behind the instrument. Thus the name. It also has a \"unison\" mode which stacks three oscillators with a detune knob. And a keytrack mode where you can use an oscillator just as a mod waveform kinda like you could on the minimoog, but its a bit more flexible in that respect. Though opinions on the synth will vary i will at least boast that it has the coolest name ever. Thanks to Chris List (once again) for helping me fix the bug i ran into. And thanks to Timothy Lamb for building such a cool monosynth sequencer which is in the ensemble. I didnt have a keyboard hooked up to my computer when i built this so if there is any problems using this synth with a keyboard please let me know. And give your criticisms and ideas for it if you got them otherwise this synth may never get an upgrade. And you will have no one to blame but yourself.....and me.


健司 川元
15 years ago
Thank you! from Japan
Paul Winterhalter
16 years ago
This sounds great, I love the sequencer/arpegiator part
Jason Jochems
16 years ago
Well i got a keyboard hooked up finally. I really didnt notice any problems with it. Damn. Are you using it on a mac by chance, maybe its ones of those pc to mac bugs that reaktor 4 has been having. Is it just some particular snapshots that are doing it? Cause on my system everything is kosher. Maybe we should carry this discussion to the forums to see if we can figure it out. Im Disqo on the forums by the way.
Jason Jochems
16 years ago
Thanks for the feedback. Unfortunately i have no midi on this laptop for a few days so my hands are a little tied. But i should have a fix for it in a week at the most. Figured i was going to have at least one problem with that since i couldnt program it using a keyboard. If anyone decides to mod it in the meantime till i get my system situated i'd appreciate it if you'd email it to me ( i'll throw some more snapshots on it for good measure. either way i'll fix it asap.
David Vrooman
16 years ago
i really like the sound of this synth. so far just randomly twiddling some knobs, but i've come up with a few "keepers" already. only problem so far is that playing it through midi doesn't seem to work quite right. it seems like effect unit is bypassed when not using the sequencer.
Norman Wilson
16 years ago
Looks good I'll play with it at home tonight.