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Freak-o little synth with scanning grain delay.

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Ian Warner
1.3 (Updated 16 years ago)
August 11, 2003
Reaktor 5 or lower


Plong-R v1.3

Freaky little synth with an odd-looking source macro and a scanning grain delay.

This newer version includes a lot of de-crapping and quite a few modifications to the source macro, envelopes, filter and scanning grain delay. This now includes a feedback routing matrix which enables the three grain delay modules to route their outputs to each other in different combinations. The grain delay also has an all-important on/off switch which greatly reduces CPU load if it\'s not needed.

Have fun.

Ian Warner - Dentaku

Repackaged v1.3 of Plong-R with PC version of ensemble. Fixes PC/Mac issue with selector curve settings. Thanks to Patrice!


Ian Warner
17 years ago
The site was bugging! Kept on getting SQL errors after uploading.
Thomas Watson
17 years ago
Either Ian or the N.I. site is bugging! I hope the sounds are just as freaky :-)
17 years ago
Hi Ian which of the versions is the right? Please delete two or make a change in version number.