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Updated Pachinko: More modulation, bug fix

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Ian Warner
1.2 (Updated 16 years ago)
September 08, 2003
Reaktor 5 or lower
Instrument Other


Pachinko is primarily conceived as a VST FX-Plugin. Included is a stripped-down sample player with a breakbeat loop to test Pachinko's functions. The 15 snapshots were all made with this loop.

All audio signals are routed downwards through the instrument, whilst the modulation signals are routed upwards.

The 32-step sequencer is divided into 16 zones from which audio can be routed down into four audio channels to the note shifters.

Each note shifter can shift routed audio up to 15 steps.

The first send module controls route of audio from the shifters to the filters. The second controls route of audio from the filters to the effects bank.

After that two modulation routers each with a choice of 4 source LFOs and two destinations (each from a choice of 8).

Zapped bug in v1.2:
Bad maths controlling the graphical panning display caused it to stick towards the right. This is fixed.

Ian Warner - Dentaku

System Info:
PowerBook G4 /500, MacOS 9.2.2, tested as VST in Logic Audio Silver 4.8.1


Joakim Raatikainen
2 years ago
Really nice loop mangler here! Just out of curiosity: What programs were used to design the UI? I totally dig colour scheme and simplistic layout just like in legendary Limelite drumsequencer.
richard durham
17 years ago
this is really well done! great sound. must be the most beautiful thing in the library. those little dots at the top, oh, they are the most! very nice. thanks!
Markus Brandt
17 years ago
nice gui - phatt sound - love to see your interface designs
Al Watson
17 years ago
the only way i can get a sound is to turn up the dry mix! none of the presets seem to work through the distortions and stuff. a little help coz it looks well cool and it's very frustrating!!
Michael Liebner
17 years ago
I tried both standalone and as VST in Cubase (Win XP) and can't figure this out. Since this isn't an open and play ensemble can someone please give step by step if it involves something out of the ordinary. Sounds like a winner but it is frustrating to not be able to get anything. Thanx
Artur Nowak
17 years ago
Very original ensemble, fantastic sounds, nice design. 10/10 :-)
Kevin Hopper
17 years ago
Thanks for the advice, Phil: I got it working. Ian - I really rate your stuff - I thought Resamfukki was a great ens. and it's really good to see you uploading stuff again. This one will take a lot of getting used to: it sounds very interesting with a beautiful interface.
Phil Durrant
17 years ago
btw, i forgot to say, that i really like this.
GG.G SakabeaT
17 years ago
nice tool, i definately like your work,guy!
Phil Durrant
17 years ago
i think i might be able to help kev and darko. guys do realise there is a sampler with this .ens? when you load it up it does not play straight away. to get it to play. go to the "player" .ism (at the top of the .ens page) click on view A or B and you will suddenly see some controls. press the Rst button and the sample will start to loop. now you should hear it. now go to the pachinko .ism and try the different snaps
Ian Warner
17 years ago
I wish I knew how to help with Kevin and Darko's problems. Starting with the obvious: make sure there's audio going in and the input gain is up high enough. The gain table should be set to levels above -30 dB and Reaktor's play button is on (when used as standalone) or that your host sequencer is running. Whilst using this as a VST in Logic (4.8.1) at the weekend, I got a curious message about modules being shut down. Maybe a Logic memory issue. Anyway, this resulted in six of the eight single delay modules being muted in the "Shift" macro. This might be worth checking out. Sorry if it all sounds like obvious advice, but you know how it is with technology: always check that the thing's plugged in before moving on... Anyway, here's some useless information about where the name "Pachniko" comes from:
Thomas Watson
17 years ago
Works fine on my mac G4 933 OSX 10.2.6. Love the design!
Kevin Hopper
17 years ago
Sorry, Ian...doesn't work on my Mac either.
Darko Volaric
17 years ago
I couldn't get a peep out of your ens on my Mac (OS X).
Philip Gunderson
17 years ago
Very nice. A lot of thought obviously went into the design of this one. It has a very clean sound even as it offers a lot of potential for loop mutilation.