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Another bug fix...

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Ian Warner
1.3 (Updated 16 years ago)
September 15, 2003
Reaktor 5 or lower
Instrument Other


Zapped bug in v1.3:

The first set of sends weren't bypassing to the output properly. This could have been the reason for some people being confused by the lack of sound upon opening since the sends are all by default set to 'Out'.

Pachinko is primarily conceived as a VST FX-Plugin. Included is a stripped-down sample player with a breakbeat loop to test Pachinko's functions. The snapshots were all made with this loop.

All audio signals are routed downwards through the instrument, whilst the modulation signals are routed upwards.

The 32-step sequencer is divided into 16 zones from which audio can be routed down into four audio channels to the note shifters.

Each note shifter can shift routed audio up to 15 steps.

The first send module controls route of audio from the shifters to the filters. The second controls route of audio from the filters to the effects bank.

After that two modulation routers each with a choice of 4 source LFOs and two destinations (each from a choice of 8).

Ian Warner - Dentaku

System Info:
PowerBook G4 /500, MacOS 9.2.2, tested as VST in Logic Audio Silver 4.8.1


Richard Figone
13 years ago
hey man. don't know how i overlooked this before, but this is absolutely what i love
Ian Warner
17 years ago
Eric: nice to hear. Do use the chorus, that's what it's all about. I can't claim much authorship over its construction since I think this macro is a stripped-down and modified version of something I culled from an older R2.3 instrument a while back.
Eric Benesch
17 years ago
really great - with every version more fun to play with! but your chorus-delay combination is sooooo good - sorry but i have to borrow it and connect it into my whatadrumsession - that was exactly what i was looking for a long time. hope you agree....
Philip Gunderson
17 years ago
Very nice. A lot of thought obviously went into the design of this one. It has a very clean sound even as it offers a lot of potential for loop mutilation.