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32 step analog-style sequencer

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1.1 (Updated 16 years ago)
November 16, 2003
Reaktor 5 or lower
Instrument Sequencer


with alternating mode


thanks to domonkos nagy for finding a indexing
bug. added midi-out, some minor improvements.


salvador salcedo
10 years ago
luca di dedda
11 years ago
Absolutly COOOOOOL
Bill Wray
14 years ago
easy to use and sounds great!
15 years ago
kurt otto
16 years ago
hey martin, its me, popeye-x from texas, you are THE BEST, period. Ah, now you remember? Me and my Texas friends love your website but what's that stupid looking EQ Radio thing for...? Around here, whenever we do something sooper stupid cool on synth, we say "its on the brink of martinization"
Robert Schaap
17 years ago
Thanks for the tip! Nice piece!
christian buehner
17 years ago
hi martin thanks for the wonderful module but one question could you add the midi notepitch module to your asq4? i can't do it by myself because i'm using the reaktor session greetings chris
Bodo Kuznik
17 years ago
Fun,Fun and fine ,thanks Martin !
Alasdair Clarke
17 years ago
Thanks Martin, that did the trick! One question though. How do I use this seq with other synth instruments? Junatik has the gate and pitch inputs but most other instruments such as nanowave, p-bass Uranus etc dont have them. Perhaps you could explain using something as simple as the Classic 2-vco? Please forgive my Reaktor ignorance! Thanks again, Fergus
martin brinkmann
17 years ago
oops, i think i have forgotten a tp-input... anyway, you can easiely add a midi-transpose-function yourself: go to the instruments structure. add a midi-notepitch-module to the last adder-module (the one where 36 is added to the pitch). you can add another port, or replace the tp-slider. now change the value 36 to -24. thats it.
Maxim Bogdanov
17 years ago
thanks much ,martin!!!great piece..!!!
Alasdair Clarke
17 years ago
This is great Martin but is there any way you could adapt it so it can be transposed from incoming note pitch (ie from the keyborad)? Thanks again
Mark Holroyd
17 years ago
I love this!! A great little sequencer that's easy on the cpu, and easy to use - thank you!