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2 synths & 909 (updated)

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0.3 (Updated 16 years ago)
April 08, 2004
Reaktor 5 or lower


added various lights and labels, tidied some other bits up.

also changed the drum sequencer to knobs (for accents and grooves) which i quite like.

experiment and have fun.



Jason Taylor
16 years ago
daniel, i'll dig out the drum collection and reupload it for you. mosca
Daniel Lussier
16 years ago
Clean and simple good job.Is it possible that the release ratio isn't high enough because it doesn't do much...or maybe it's because of the short lengt of the sample themself...?? I also have a big favour to ask you.Someone in the user forum told me that you also created a collection of drums like the 606 and univox.I recently had a major crash with my system and lost them.Is it possible to bring them back?? I'm desperately looking for them. Keep it up!
Damon Wild
16 years ago
nice update!
Jason Taylor
16 years ago
Good suggestions - version 2 is under way :) mosca
Damon Wild
16 years ago
Nice job! Just would be nice if each drum sound was named like "Kick", "SN" "HH" , "Clap" ... in the top drum modules and maybe in the seq area as well at least a "Letter" for reference. Also a meter would be nice to show where one is in both the synths seq and the 909 seq..shows where one is in relation to the step. (like a 808/909 so on). Also one more thing if possble, a way to add velocity to each step as it is crucial for groove.All at 127 is a bit stiff. I guess I will try to modify it for now.. Other than that, great V.10!