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Kitten Gate

Sequencer Driven Gate & Filter

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2.5 (Updated 15 years ago)
April 28, 2004
Reaktor 5 or lower
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This one's a simple one. Two pattern generators modulate rhythm, gate time and accent of two envelope generators that operate on 2 channels at once, with a stereo tempo delay.

As usual, feed it clocks, or use as an insert effect, and finally stop drawing in controller 7 in your sequencer or triggering gates off your 909\'s rimshot!

Update (v2.0)

I didn't want to do this update, because I feel it detracts from the simplicity of Kitten Gate, but here it is because a couple of people asked for it. I haven't put any time into new snapshots.


New pattern generators let you edit patterns using buttons after using the matrix interface.

Multimode filter section with LFO (inc stereo phase), seperate envelope (and trigger).

v2.1 changed signal path from amp --> filter to filter -->amp, fixed lfo phase circuit.

This processor is to be used as an inline effect.


Robin Parmar
13 years ago
Have used this live with a noisy input. The shaped sounds that emerge are very useful. Thank you.
lee alexander stead
15 years ago
Lovely, good sound creation but a bit too fiddly to get results wanted. Overall tho' GET IT NOW!
Evan Schiller
15 years ago
excellent for real drums- thank you !!!!
Simon Ball
15 years ago
exactly what ive been looking for , brilliant , nice work !
josh hinden
15 years ago
This plugin is wicked! Really into it. And I thought Skidder from DestroyFx was cool...
Kevin Hopper
16 years ago
This is really good. I use quite a lot of gating effects in my stuff , but have always found their construction quite a fearsome challenge - especially avoiding irritating clicks and getting the envelopes to work effectively. Your ensemble seems to get over both of those problems with some really clever programming. Brilliant! The filter section is also terrific.
Donovan Stringer
16 years ago
I made a second post last night but must have goofed somehow. I'm running XP.
Benjamin Suthers
16 years ago
hey donovan. anymore information? just downloaded it to check it and it worked fine! (4.1.2, OSX10.3.3, SAFARI)
Donovan Stringer
16 years ago
says not a valid file in R4.1.2
Andreas Loqvist
16 years ago
Nice work, sounds good too! I'm grateful that you are sharing your creations with the rest of the world. Thanks!
Steve Nappa
16 years ago
upgrade you tool. looks good to me. good job mate
Mike Woloszyn
16 years ago
I don´t know, on XP it works very good. Nice sound!!
Benjamin Suthers
16 years ago
great thanks. anyone else?
Rick Scott
16 years ago
congratulations: you win the grand prize in uncovering deep reaktor 4 bugs ... when i open your ensemble, not only does reaktor crash, my entire system crashes (win 98) and must be rebooted! ;-) rachMiel