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L.I.M Synth

Less is More......with the LIM sintetizzatore!

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1.1 (Updated 16 years ago)
June 05, 2004
Reaktor 5 or lower


I set out to make a synthesiser that was very economical with CPU time and yet still sounds good. LIM synth was the result!
Especially good for people (like me) who quickly lose interest in super complex ensembles (this is a stalling exercise while I work out how to do something really complicated and clever).
This synth has LFOs delay and "sweeper" linked to the master tempo, so for best effect use a sequencer or play with a better sense of timing than I have. I use it within Fruity Loops and that seems to work very well.
I am primarily interested in making "accessable" music, so the modulation scheme is simple and linked to tempo. For atonal, "constantly evolving soundscapes" you may have to look to more enlightened Reaktor designers.
BTW, panel B has a schematic of the internals.

Oh, I forgot to mention - no filters (but there are filters in the effects)

Greetings from Sweden

Thanks for the positive comments, it makes an old man happy.

Tack så mycket!


Juha Hiltunen
9 years ago
Great for moving pads and for greating atmospheric leads, randomize works well. Good Work!
13 years ago
When using in R5 deswitch 'R4 enable' in the properties to avoid red crosses inside the ensemble.
13 years ago
When using in R5 deswitch in the properties to avoid red crosses inside the ensemble.
david cox
14 years ago
I love this so much. Well designed and ultra usable. Have used it loads since downloading a few weeks ago.
Carlo Pearson
15 years ago
This synth is so RAD! Thank! It's super simple and really well designed! Great work!
David Vincent
16 years ago
This will get used. Thanks
paul chauncy
16 years ago
Lovely, warm, friendly, inspiring - mmmmm...
Doss Shropshire
16 years ago
This is a great little synth - very cool and totally useful. Paul makes a killer ensemble.
oguz Buyukberber
16 years ago
Godd distorted sounds
Andres Jankowski
17 years ago
Many thanks for this little beast. Highly recomended !
Clemens Staub
17 years ago
this peace is absolutely gorgeous!!!
Peter Dines
17 years ago
Great synth.
Andreas Loqvist
17 years ago
Glömde ju säga att jag självklart ger dig högsta betyget för den :) Beröm för användbara presets oxå, vilket inte tillhör vanligheterna här..
Andreas Loqvist
17 years ago
tjena, den här synthen påminner lite om Albino2 från Linplug.. även ljudmässigt! Och det är inget dåligt betyg ;) Klart en av de snyggaste, mest lättrattade och mest väljudande i reaktor-biblioteket.. Tusen tack! Kul förresten att se att det finns lite svenskar här oxå :)Take Care! Hälsningar Andreas från Upplands Väsby
Phil Durrant
17 years ago
this is very nice, artur nowak said what i wanted to say. btw, the snap pj chimes (i think it is called) is very good for "atonal" music ;-)
Alistair May
17 years ago
Nice, simple interface and novel sounds - good show!
Carl Saff
17 years ago
Incredibly easy to generate great sounds with this thing. Thanks a lot! This and Manga are becoming two of the first synths I turn to when I need fresh sounds!
Artur Nowak
17 years ago
Very nice synth and a clever design. I'm particurarly impressed with the effect knobs, which turn off the effect when turned to zero. The idea of using cross-fade and a switch is very nice, it solves the issue of clicking switches AND saves the CPU. Simple yet effective. Good work!
Cliff Douse
17 years ago
Sounds good!
stefano pala
17 years ago
PAUL great work! Nice sintetizzatore ! You'R Welcome in Roma !
kenneth arrow
17 years ago
hi paul, yes this is a very nice one, i love most of the ensembles that everyone make, i know a lot of time and effort goes into each one so keep it up. peace Kenny R S A
Stefan Knauthe
17 years ago
...thanxx for sharing! everything one could want.nice,usefull sounds,cpu friendly,easy to understand...very good...!
Donovan Stringer
17 years ago
This has to be one of the nicest GUI's in the user library. Fr me, a good looking synth begs to be used way more than one exceeding it's abilities with a klunker interface. Every aspect of this synth reeks of quality & attention to detail, with a fantastic sound & great collection of presets. GREAT work!!
Rick Scott
17 years ago
we're all interested in making music. some of us just have a broader, more-inclusive definition of what "music" is ... that's all. ;-)
Raymond Szwec
17 years ago
this is my new favorite synth. simple to program and elegantly designed -- nice snapshots too! good stuff