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jambient TerrainoSoar

loop w pitch modulated by needle soaring over graphic terrain

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1.2 (Updated 16 years ago)
June 18, 2004
Reaktor 5 or lower


The basic idea behind this is to use a terrain--a 2d image representation of elevations--to drive a modulator. Watch the little dot in the terrain window as it soars over the landscape, like a record needle reading the landscape. The height of the landscape determines the output of the needle. Select different snapshots to select different ways of reading the landscape, e.g. spiral over it, lawnmower pattern, etc.

The output of the modulator drives speed of playback of a loop much the same as the jamLoop in jambientRkt.

Use jambient ImageTxtToTable to prepare terrain tables.

See enclosed RTF for documentation--***including insane hack for converting a BMP graphic into a 2d ntf format table, now superseded by ImageTxtToTable.
(NB RTF file in the zip seems to have been converted to RTF.TXT by the library; rename it to open the file.)

NI please release the specs for this format so we can write converters!!!


Jan Schmidli
17 years ago
freaky freaky, well done
Bertrand Eric
17 years ago
Nice work, well done
David Morris
17 years ago
Very nice comments, thanks. Eric, I'd love to see your explorations with this....
Eric Cook
17 years ago
nice idea, would love to see the modulation routing explored to deal with more than just pitch -- using it to morph between multiple snapshots of some other ensemble for instance, would be very interesting.
Maximilian Schäfer
17 years ago
nice idea, well done!
Donovan Stringer
17 years ago
this thing is bloody brilliant.