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jambient TapeWorm

8 tapes w pitch & fading; gang for controlling multiple tapes; experimental worm sequencer

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2.0 (Updated 16 years ago)
June 18, 2004
Reaktor 5 or lower


jambient TapeWorm consists of jamTape (8 tapes with pitch, play and fade control), jamTapeGang (for controlling sets of tapes as a group), jamTapeWorm (for tape position driven sequencing), jamPaneer (for stereo image positioning of output of tapes).

See enclosed PDF file for documentation.

jambient TapeWorm is a Reaktor ensemble in the jambient series. Ensembles in the jambeint series are designed for live jamming with samples, geared to ambient-style sound making and nonrythmical audio collage. Each is designed to be played inside the Reaktor interface (rather than to be played through MIDI input). They are an outgrowth of ideas first developed in Jambient (, a VB program, part of a small effort to make music that isn't fixed by grids and scales, etc. This particular one was an experiment to make something like jambient in Reaktor itself. I still find jambient more playable so I am sticking with it, but it seemed like an experiment others might be interested in.

v 2.0: file size reduced (by 4 meg) by having duplicate graphics share a picture--what a hassle in Reaktor! Doc changed to PDF


daniel battaglia
15 years ago
the only thing i would have done, is allow the tapedecks to be able to record as well, this would have led to some interesting sounds i think.
daniel battaglia
15 years ago
i agree with gourd (jopy?). this is fantastic, and worth checking out. david's jambient series is great, and im glad he took the time to move it over to Reaktor for us to play with.
15 years ago
no comments on this? insane. this is the best of the jambient series in my opinion. very easy to use in an improvisatory setting and probably the most controllable of the lot. great work.