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analog and wavetable synth and/or effect

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1.0 (Updated 14 years ago)
June 06, 2004
Reaktor 5 or lower


sorry for my english!

V 0.2 Added pitch shifter and dry level control for external signal.
The wavetable is now accorded with oscillators.
V 0.3 Added comb filter and many other filters,+ gain control for resonance.

you can use this synth in effect mode.
the frequency tracker detect the pitch and gate from external signal, and apply to oscillator.
you can use also the external signal, for control the AM, FM, RM, Synchro, Filters FM, and like waveform.

3 oscillators AM, FM, RM, Synchro
2 serial parallel mutimode dirty filters
4 AHDSR envelope
3 LFO sync to tempo
3 Sequencers
1 recordable X-Y
1 modulation matrix 16x
1 chorus
1 tempo delay
1 reverb

Have fun!

tested on amd athlon 2 Ghz
sorry mac users no posibilities for test

Your comment are appreciated


John Kammeyer-Mueller
14 years ago
Once you get into this, it has the potential to be a very very deep sample mangler. The sound isn't quite like anything else I've heard in the library.
Andreas Loqvist
15 years ago
Hey Pierre, this is great stuff! So easy to tweak and sounds sooo nice.. even the presets are really good especially the pad sounds. Thank's alot for sharing, 10 p for this one!
andraz bole
15 years ago
splendid !
Dave O Mahony
15 years ago
Very inspiring Pierre - thanks!
Bagnoud Hervé
15 years ago
No problems on my PowerBook 867 Mhz/512 Ram/Osx 10.2.8 Nice one :-)
Phil Durrant
15 years ago
very, very flexible synth. very low on CPU. very, very good.
pierre-andre soulier
15 years ago
tested on amd duron 1Ghz sorry mac users no possibilities for test