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FourTechre Mk II

Version 2 of the Loop Revitaliser, "FourTechre"

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1.2 (Updated 16 years ago)
August 12, 2004
Reaktor 5 or lower
Instrument Sequencer


there are 2 version of FourTechre in the upload.

FourTechre LE responds better if you suffer from bad graphic performances with reaktor 4.1.2. you will have to take the samples from the Mk II version to hear them.

if graphic performance is not a concern, use the Mk II version,
which uses a bit more cpu but is clearer and has more info.

What's new in Mk II

New Snaps and Samples, including Drum, Keys, Guitar and Voice Loops.

I HAVE USED VIEWS A and B so remember to switch between views.

Much easier to programme because:-

All scenes have Values for Loop start/End and Grain number

There is also a fine tune control for the Start of the Loop, useful
for guitar loops, (etc) where the player anticipated the beat.

The resolution for start and Loop Lengths has been increased
for more accurate looping.

Now possible to cycle individual bars (measures) using the Looper.
this is quantized, so when you change to a different bar, it will change on the beat.
thus, this is also a very useful tool for playing live.

Other improvements/modifications:-

More flexible Sequenced Random Generator, for those of us who like Random changes to Sync to tempo.
Use view A of the FourTechre .ism to see this.

All scenes have AHDSR controls for an Envelope Shaper (thanks JWH)

All scenes have an FX send amount, nice for having delay on a couple of scenes instead of all of them.

A new Morphing Filter, instrument is also included.
the Sequencer is taken from Martin Brinkmann's "Grainstates".
Use the Dry/Wet Cross Fader to send the output of the
FourTechre Instrument to it. A Dub Delay (thanks Dieter Zobel) is also included with the Filter.

You can change the Snaps of the Filter .ism from the FourTechre .ism

For demo purposes, the other FX is another Dub Delay.
Notes for version I

settings for loop start and end points, pitch, "stretch", grain, reverse and sample select of a resynth sampler are, (via a sequencer or your qwerty keyboard) triggered by 8 scenes.

the grains can be synchronised to tempo.

further modulation is also possible from 3 different sources to provide (the possibility of) continually evolving patterns.

ideal for revitalising old instrumental loops AND break beats.

this is part of the "it's a worry" series and is a ticklish co-production.

special thanks to clist, and martin brinkmann.


Simon Clements-Hawes
8 years ago
Very nice instrument, thank you for sharing with the world (so I can hide away from it longer!)
jace cavacini
9 years ago
Crashes Reaktor after a short time (5.6.0, Mac OS X 10.6.8).
Florian Roussillon
12 years ago
this one is great. but am i the only one who have some trouble using the Fourtechre MKII ? I m using Reaktor on Abelton Live. i can open it perfectly, using it too. It workes. But after 2 minutes, it crash my computer, do like an image capture of the screen, the sound is still changing, but the screen is like blocked, nothing moved more and i should restart ableton. can someone help me maybe ? thank's in advance
Jason Filipchuk
13 years ago
Daniel Salomon
13 years ago
Not only impressive, but programmable/useful. Very nice work. Mental note to self: give a listen to "Venice" by Fennesz sometime.
Joel Assaizky
14 years ago
extremely good, used it in two tracks already.
Benji Vaughan
14 years ago
great it
Darco Cezveciyan
14 years ago
Mario Turri
14 years ago
Thanks for sharing; i like it!!
Ashley Brown
15 years ago
fab. great fun.
Richard Souther
15 years ago
This is just wonderful!
don fanning
15 years ago
Wild!!!Thank you.
wilfried thierry
16 years ago
beautiful, i love it, it's a pleasure to play with this kind of instrument. i love deconstructing acoustic sounds and it's one of my favourite instruments for this purpose... thanks a lot !
Music Technology
16 years ago
Just beautiful. Top work. Thanks for sharing.
Der Einmeier
16 years ago
i LOVE it for tweaking static loops of all kind, very interesting and harmonic idm-like, glitchy results when feeding it with clicks'n cuts, this is an amazing inspirational tool to tweak nearly every kind of waves to new dimensions. great work!
c bit
17 years ago
very impressive! i'll be spending some time getting to know this better.
Phil Durrant
17 years ago
thanks Art, i think "Venice" is a masterpiece (much better than "Endless Summer") and i am a huge fan of Fennesz. BUT the idea behind this ensemble was inspired by Fourtet's "Round" album and of course Autechre's recent music.
Artur Nowak
17 years ago
Phil, you should change the name of the ensemble to "Venice" or "Endless Summer" ;-)
Robert Croft
17 years ago
Nice work Phil!
Rune Broendbo
17 years ago
I love it ! ! !
Rory Dow
17 years ago
Thanks you! FourTechre will get plenty of use here :)
Oliver Greschke
17 years ago
Cliff Douse
17 years ago
Nice! Don't knock experimental folk, Kevin. I loaded a couple of Fairport Convention loops in and it made them sound better! ;-)
Kevin Hopper
17 years ago
Very thoroughly worked, Phil. I really like the new quick looper. All in all, it's a helluva upgrade. Martin Carthy samples?? Roll on the English folk/ deconstructivist electro revolution....
pierre-andre soulier
17 years ago
Yessssssssss! Like it!