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graidelVerb v2

two grain cloud delays -> reverb

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Rick Scott
2.0 (Updated 15 years ago)
August 16, 2004
Reaktor 5 or lower
Effect Other


good for atmospherica. works especially well with human voice and legato melodies.

sample .wav file included.



shawn gilbert
13 years ago
I Really like this one.!
Paul Brassey
16 years ago
Answer to the question in 7 above - in the 'sound player' (Views/show playerbox).I only found it myself thismorning.
Paul Brassey
16 years ago
Lovely:- simple,sounds great,very musical,doesn't offer to show you it's innards when moving controls with the audio sounding - the first 10 I've given out of about 30 votes. Much-O-thank-U.
Dave Bourke
16 years ago
Yep, I've the full collection of rachMielia. Love 'em all. But I must be missing something here (and with stutterDelay) – where do you load the .wav file (on Mac, in case it makes a difference)?
pierre-andre soulier
16 years ago
i love your work!
Michel Steiner
16 years ago
I like most if not all upload you've made. Keep the good work and thank you so much for sharing. Thanks a lot Rick !
Rich Young
16 years ago
And even better with drum loops.
Rich Young
16 years ago
Epileptic hamster is right, this thing is fun! It seems to sound best with some sort of vocals, not so good with live instruments I noticed.
Al Watson
16 years ago
trance boy hehe - um dit um dit um dit um dit!!!! ;-)
Cliff Douse
16 years ago
Interesting stuff - I just put a piano improvisation through this and it sounded like an epileptic hamster playing a cimbalom. I can use this! Looks like someone else can't, though... your first voter gave you 2/10 - must be a trance boy. ;-)