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rachToy 1

first in a new series of reaktor toys

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Rick Scott
1.1 (Updated 16 years ago)
August 21, 2004
Reaktor 5 or lower
Instrument Other


note: when you load a new map, you sometimes have to fool around with the samples before they "take" ... de/re-select Loop On, Rel, and Apply to All in the Map Editor.




Didier Debril
16 years ago
I like it.
Phil Durrant
16 years ago
hmmmm....why the secrecy with the structure rick? i thought that only john nowak and lazyFish were that protective.
Cliff Douse
16 years ago
Zehr gut!
Don Dailey
16 years ago
Another clver concept! I love the idea of samples changing as part of the random structure. This concept could be expanded in so many ways. Pizz strings, plectrum instruments, mallet percussion, vocal sounds all come to mind. I can't keep up with these new creations ! Keep those "toys" coming.
Greg Killmaster
16 years ago
fun toy! thanks... maybe more than a toy...
Rick Scott
16 years ago
thanks, bruder leboz. :-)
Dieter Zobel
16 years ago
Gut beselbigt,Meister...