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1.1 (Updated 16 years ago)
December 06, 2004
Reaktor 5 or lower


this is a looper ensemble, thought for live-use, where you have got 4

loopers (frwd, bckwrd, frwrdbckwrd - based on sample-loop-

module), 2 effects (granulardelay and ringmodulator), you can add

yours.... , and modulation possibilities. everything is thought to be

modular and pretty much influenced by the lloopp-patch for max/

msp ( its still beta but i thought i would be

interesting to share it to here what others would say using it...

all the stuff is made by myself and with bits and pieces stolen from

other userensembles (granulator, squaretechre, livesampler and

more...) and with the help of the userforum.... thanks a lot

have fun and modify... and upload....



Ulrich Troyer
16 years ago
100000 thanks, brother :)
steffen goerke
16 years ago
very good thank you
William Selman
16 years ago
Go, Kassian, go!
kassian troyer
16 years ago
hi andreas ok a short manual for the lOOPlAYERS: # the button up left must be in case switched on and off to trigger the player, but should be necessary only at begining. # underneath you have a normal volume slider. at its right side there is the pitch section, where you can fast access octaves, but you can make semitonespitching as well with the numberbox above it # above all you have a horizontal selector for your samples. # for selecting loopstart and looplength are 2 ways, under the display XY, and the sliders. left is loopstart, and loopoffset. the numberboxes tell where you are. you can reset the offset by clicking in the empty space beside. clicking on the zero resets loopstart to zero. same for looplength. there you have 3 sliders, a normal and 2 for fine adjusting. # far right under the sampleselector you have a numberbox which tells you the length of the current sample, and then you have a button, which will quantize the selected looplength in a very brutal way, keeps the results quite lifely, because often it doesnt really but still fit to tempo. the way i like it... and the 3 buttons are for playback direction, forward, forwardbackward, backward. and thats it..... for beat oriented stuff you ll probably find more satisfying ensembles in the library. i mainly use just one player just for doing samples, to mangle them manualy with out sequencer.... all the example files are cuts made with the players.
Andreas Fichtner
16 years ago
it looks great and seems to be exactly what i need, but could you give a short manual. it's unusable(sometimes i get sound sometimes not,...). it would be cool if you(or someone else) can turn the sampleplayers to beatloopers(that synchronise to song tempo), so that the loops are synced automatically. and some more loopers would also be great(more than 4). i unforunatelly have only reaktor session so i can't do this myself. thanks. greetZ ANdreas
Donovan Stringer
16 years ago
The instruments are pretty nifty, but I would hate to be in a position where I was using this live as it's a bit confusing at this early stage.. Keep working at it, though!
kassian troyer
16 years ago
now there is one, didn´t know how to get a gif out of a pdf ...
Phil Durrant
16 years ago
nice upload. a little bit of headscratching is needed to understand it but it is well worth the effort. btw, it looks really nice, so i can't understand why there is no screenshot?