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For DnB heads, but with wider appeal

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1.0 (Updated 16 years ago)
December 10, 2004
Reaktor 5 or lower


Yet another synth specializing in reeces (and much more). If you liked Menace, you'll love Dragon. It builds on the Menace concept, utilising the same 3-Saw oscillator and Dual Rez Notch Filters, but adds more filters, 3-pulse oscillator, sub oscillator and more flexible mod routing.




Craig Wood
9 years ago
Absolutely brilliant.
Joshua Rochowiak
13 years ago
I recently uploaded an ensemble called decendant that features an osc from dragon. Thank you for the inspiration and I hope you approve.
greg simpson
15 years ago
excellent work; just like it.
Ryan McKenna
16 years ago
This really is the sh!t. I have been experimenting with hoovers for many years now and this thing really hits the nail bang on the head. The only thing that made me rate this a 9 and not a 10 was that the mod matrix could do with more destinations and the modulators could do with better sync facilities. Other than that... Perfection, keep up the good work.
Aaron Zimmermann
16 years ago
Nosewreck does it again! Keep em coming my grid-brother!
Evan Schiller
16 years ago
daniel battaglia
16 years ago
wow i really like this one, nice job at nailng that dnb synth sound
Vertecs Recordings
16 years ago
Nice one Mr. Noisewreck! Keep those DnB-monsters commin´....
George Gyulatyan
16 years ago
Thank you guys for the comments and the votes. Glad you like it. Doss, thanks for mentioning the play button thing, forgot to mention that in the description, although I put it in the instrument info. Good looking out. I'll be adding more snaps later.
Doss Shropshire
16 years ago
This probably just is not my type of sound, so I wont be using it, but it's well built - make sure you hit the play button in your menu bar or you won't be able to appreciate the cool modulation sequencer.
Miles Egan
16 years ago
Like it. Nice clean interface too.
sam burford
16 years ago
David Tamura
16 years ago
Perfect(Ultra) for my Drill & Bass comps... thank you....
Donovan Stringer
16 years ago
This thing sounds great, man! I love the last snapshot! :D