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miGraine / Marlene

artificial formant flavours sans filtre

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2.0 (Updated 14 years ago)
December 15, 2004
Reaktor 5 or lower


synthetic micro formant grains ("FOF"), optionally fed into a waveguide resonator

good for orchestral sounds with a notion of human voices, strange "leadpads",
"easy filmscore for the lazy sound designer" type sounds -

dont know how to better describe this -

this synth doesn't use any filters - nor samples - a basic grainlet built from three controllable formants
produces a "natural idendtic" rather clean sound - fixed formants, without any sidebands - artificial flavours -

the resonator adds a more natural "physical modelling" touch, formant modulation, "fractalisation", grain jitter, and multiple unsison grains with resonator detuning in intervals add more complexity

since the formants are fixed independent of pitch the sounds can appear pretty natural ( or better: with an artificial natural touch ) if played with single notes in larger intervals, and with the portamento option on

NB: formant freqeuncies can be adjusted in B view
thanks for your nice comments

version 2.0 has only 2 minor changes : I've added an equalizer as suggested by Rick, and replaced parabol oscilllators with pure sine oscillators,

the difference is hardly noticeable on my equipment, and needs slightly more CPU power now

the eq settings are global for all snapshots, and I recommend to adapt them to your taste - my cheap soundcard distorts the spectrum very much and completely supresses some lower frequencies ..


Anders Arensbach
1 year ago
with this synth and toraverb 2 your can make magnificent pads
Anders Arensbach
1 year ago
you can make insane pads with this synth
ian ainslie
1 year ago
Christopher Olson
1 year ago
I Love this synth. Absolutely gorgeous pads. Well done Gabriel.
Markus Müller-Faßbender
2 years ago
We write the year 2017 and this synth is still a fabulous source of inspiring ambient pads.
Dominik Braun
3 years ago
saw this in a tutorial by Nigel Good and thought I should give it a try...
Sam Mover
4 years ago
Vinicius Rodrigues
7 years ago
So. Beautiful.
year zero
8 years ago
simply amazing ensembles..i just discovered your work and will be using a vast array of these for live performance and improvisation. Thanks so much for your efforts in sound design!!!
Justin Dixon
10 years ago
nice one,,, very unique,, love the twisted nature of this one.. a must have...
Christopher Soulos
11 years ago
Open. Almost thematic
Ron James
12 years ago
Found pitch bend on the B page internal workings. Is there any way to get a sound that combines noise as well as pitch? Metallicy, shiney, cymbal-like sound?
Ron James
12 years ago
Awesome, I love it. Is there any way to assign a pitch bend into this instrument?
Ashley Marians
12 years ago
how big is your brain to create this?
eb schlomm
12 years ago
super sound, my favourit lennart
12 years ago
this is superb
Georg Fries
13 years ago
This is a wonderful ensemble, played with it the last night, what a beauty!
Dragan Jovanovic
13 years ago
Yes...but I guess you konw that you make coolish Instz, ay !? ;o) THANX !!!
James Duffett-Smith
13 years ago
This is also fantastic, lush, beautiful. you've got real class, Mulzer
William Mempa
13 years ago
This is one of my favorit synths ive DLed in a while. Good Job.
Richard Souther
13 years ago
Great Sounds. Really inspiring!
Richard Pree
13 years ago
Excellent. Reminds me of Absynth :-)
Henri Hagenow
13 years ago
What a great biomaschiene! Respekt Gabriel! By the way: Nice homepage, too.
Robert Solheim
13 years ago
Love from the very beginning. One push at the randomizer and I had that pad I´ve always been looking for...maybe... Do you have other ens?
jace cavacini
13 years ago
excellent. very atmospheric. very non-mechanic
Logan Susnick
14 years ago
Aboslutely gorgeous. Very cinematic!
Heath Rezabek
14 years ago
some amazingly lush sounds emerge from this instrument; the fact that it does all this using non-sampled grains is extremely intriguing, and perhaps part of its otherworldly, neither organic nor synthetic, sound. finally, randomization is bringing out tonalities rather that noise, which is tops in my book! -aqaraza
Jean-pierre Brie
14 years ago
Very clever! Very musical! Thanks!
James Hamilton
14 years ago
Beautiful instrument - almost the sonic equivalent of your Flash work, all not-quite monochrome subtlety.
Paul Davis
14 years ago
This is just outrageous. Fat classical Brass sounding pads that really get me going. Unfortunately there's no 11.
cody brown
14 years ago
this instrument makes some beautifully inspiring sounds. unfortunately i have clicks at the beginning of many notes on powerbook 1gh. i would like to use some of these sounds very soon! any suggestions?
Alistair May
14 years ago
Strings sit very nicely in the background of a mix. Presets could be a little more varied, but overall it is very good.
Eric Giambertone
14 years ago
Sounds very organic. Thanks!
Cliff Douse
14 years ago
Some really nice snaps here. Thanks! :-)
Robert Croft
14 years ago
audio quicksand - very addicting. i can't stop playing it! thanks!
john stainton
14 years ago
Fantastic - I'll definately be adding this to my favourites
John Koranek
14 years ago
I really like this ensemble. It suits my musical sensibilities. Very expreesive. Thanks
ned Bouhalassa
14 years ago
Once again, a beautiful instrument. Thank you.
Rolf Schmuck
14 years ago
This is a very inspiring, nice and "quiet" ensemble with an organic sound. hold some chords and just listen. great!
Red Wierenga
14 years ago
Thanks for this. I always look forward to your uploads. You're a real asset to the Reaktor community.
Jaime Lunn
14 years ago
As a session user I must admit to being a bit lazy in the voting and comments stakes but this is a wonderful ensemble, very evocative great sounds and eminently useable, I admire a lot of the experimentation that creators instigate but this is what I would consider a success as it is simple, functional and musical. Thank you
Donovan Stringer
14 years ago
This instrument makes some beautiful sounds! All your ensembles sound great. Thanks!
gabriel mulzer
14 years ago
good suggestion, I think I will add an eq
Rick Scott
14 years ago
nice! big gooey rich sound. some of the snaps are very beautiful. maybe boost low end a bit for warmth?