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Start of a (collaborative? anarchic?) project to see what you can do with 12 tone row sequencer

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1.2 (Updated 16 years ago)
January 30, 2005
Reaktor 5 or lower


Tone row macros in ToneMetal supersede the ones in here.

This was prompted by tubaman's thread on 12-tone row generator's. I couldn't stop working on a technical solution in my head, so here is the start of one. Esp. since Stockhausen and Reich etc. are being ...whatever in the library.

The instrument isn't meant to do much on its own--it uses the row to drive the pitch and level of a DTMF macro I got a long time ago; output goes through a spectral morph to make it sound a bit more interesting (select the Passing Nights or Crystal Bell snapshot). The point is to demonstrate a start for a tone row generator/implementation ...and hopefully the wizards of Reaktor music generation can do something with it as the basis of something more interesting...rachMiel promises to take it up..

Click intialize to get a tone row of all 12 values in order...permute to scramble their order, or retrograde to reverse the order. (Both use some nifty code for exchanging values in a table, and could be the basis of a bubble sort.) Client readout tables pick up on the values generated in a row when a refresh signal is sent to them, say at the end of a bar (change Rfr Prd to change this). In these readout tables, phase, inversion and retrograde can be set, which doesn't do anything to the contents of the table, just affects output and read sequencing. So you'd use one master generator, and readouts for each value you want driven by the tone row.

Still a technical problem: on start up or clock on off, garbage is written into the table, so you need to init to clean this out.


Andrea Deidda
12 years ago
Didier Debril
16 years ago
Hello, this is a good idea, but why don't you put a level. The sound is very strongly, it goes in the red pototienmeter. I can't to use. I regret it.
David Morris
16 years ago
Don, use it to trigger whatever you want. What I have done with the tone rows is totally boring and banal. Might do something more interesting in the next version. But the point here is to give ingredients, not to bake the cake. Chris, that's a really bad pun.
Chris R Gibson
16 years ago
Glad you took up the gauntlet David. It is an interesting turn, this applying of some more "academic techniques" to Reaktor sequencing. BTW, you mentioned "anarchic", how are the penguins there at McMurdo Station?
Don Dailey
16 years ago
Hey, great job. This is a more complicated idea than I ever considered. Can this be made to trigger some more interesting sounds, or samples? Even a basic synth with some envelope controls would be a vast improvment. And there needs to be a way to put some space between notes. I find it an interesting idea to have the "serial" concept as controls over things other then just pitch. Thanks for taking this up. I look forward to more developments. Don [ tubaman ]