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download works, modulators fixed.

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2.0 (Updated 16 years ago)
February 10, 2005
Reaktor 5 or lower


so this is the update for the lOOPlAYER.
the last version was quite beta, this one is too but i guess this will never end.

it is now stereo, it became much simpler internally, needs less CPU, reacts better and smoother and you have full - and true control over the loop-envelope, adjustable for short and long loops (the one last time still had clicks).
the read-position-display reacts a little funny but it works like it should.

outside their are no big changes, the way to use is still the same, a little tricky or headscratchy but i think thats ok.

it comes now with no samples, just a dummysample to show the necessary sample-settings.

the original thing was the free max/msp lloopp-patch which is downloadable at the idea was to adapt it for reaktor, since it makes some things easier to use - at least the way i use it.
it is thought as a modular system, where you take a couple of loopers, aa couple of effects (like the microBOX in the userlib - ok thats selfpromotion - in this download as an example is included the microRM, also originally in the lloopp-patch and part of the microBOX) and stick it all together with some modulators and there you go.

the only important thing to say is that if you take more than one lOOPlAYER, you should set each to a different MIDI-Channel, and go to the connection-site in the instrument-properties and select for each player the jit>looplayer or rnd>lOOPlAYER option to make a connection. (current modulators are set up for 4 PlAYERS.)


kassian troyer
16 years ago
sorry, modulators where not as thought.
kassian troyer
16 years ago
download ok now.