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solasynth v1.5 ----------------------------------------------------

semi modular synthesizer from the Giana-Brotherz

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4.0 (Updated 15 years ago)
February 21, 2005
Reaktor 5 or lower



Solasynth is a semi modular synthesizer with a matrix. It is very flexible and it covers a wide variety of sounds. You can switch almost all components on or off. You get a full bank of 128 presets inclusive and there are many details I have not meantioned in the feature list below.

- 3 very flexible syncable oscs with either wavetable or osc switchable
- 2 complex multi filters with many filter types and saturations
- 1 fix envelope, 2 free assignable and 1 only for the lfos
- overdrive filter for the harder way and lofi sounds
- FM, pwm and phase modulation supported
- 1 degrader effect for osc 1 switchable
- modulation matrix and FM matrix
- 2 different ringmodulators
- 3 flexible lfos assignable
- slide and mono mode
- pitchbend adjustable
- osc mixer
- 2 scopes
- softclip
- chorus
- delay
- eq



9 years ago
interesting, If I get to spend some more time with it, i'll upload some new snapshots
Haris Custovic
12 years ago
Great synth thank you boyz
Sascha Meola
14 years ago
I am working on a new solasynth. It is called solasynth SE and this one is cpu friendly. There are a lot of new features in the SE version, many enhancements and a more overviewable panel. I need still a few days for finishing, testing and adding some presets.
Laurent Levesque
14 years ago
very usable, thanks a lot !
aaron brightwell
14 years ago
10+ respect
15 years ago
Hi Sascha, an interesting semi modular synth. I like the panel and the snapshots - i don't like cpu (only playable on samplerate 22050 on mac 733) and i don't like the structure (matrix and wires ;-( ,but i vote a 10 for panel and snapshots.
David van Rensburg
15 years ago
I want to thank all in the reaktor community for providing such awesome and usable instruments. You guys have seriously taken my music and my realisation of what is possible to unthought of places. Thanks to all, rachmiel, martin brinkman,phil durrant,james walker, programchild, all. Sounds like an oscar awards speech, but the prizes you guys give are far better.