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Recreation of Electribe's EA-1 synth engine

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1.0 (Updated 16 years ago)
February 26, 2005
Reaktor 5 or lower


This instrument was made on good ol' reaktor 2.3, optimized for version 3, and working nice on reaktor 4. If you guys like it, I might start working on a simulation of the sequencer which the original machine has. I'm proud of the voice handling, which is better than most Reaktor synths IMHO.



Andrés Utz
3 years ago
very good!
Forrest Gore
10 years ago
Any updates for a GUI and Sequencer? Like the real box?
Christopher Soulos
13 years ago
I'm only getting .ism on my Mac10.4.10 too
16 years ago
... as for the knobs - I uploaded some homemade R 2.3 stye knobs, as you can't "rip them off" the old version. Mine come in different colours, too!
Kelvin Russell
16 years ago
Chris, this downloaded and unzipped as .ism not .txt on my Mac. OSX 10.3.8 and using Safari.
takeshi nakamura
16 years ago
I'm sorry. My English is awful.
Alfredo Vargas
16 years ago
Donovan: Those knobs were the default ones on reaktor 2.3, guess you can rip them off from that version. takeshi: no i didn't understand... Don't know why the file renamed itself to .txt I uploaded a .ism within a zip file... I'll see if they can lend me the machine again in order to rip the sequencer.. thanks for the feedback!!
Chris R Gibson
16 years ago
Sorry, to clarify. On a Mac (OSX) this is showing as a text file once downloaded (as is the description here which was not previously the case).
Chris R Gibson
16 years ago
Whats up with the .txt extension on everything lately?
Phil Durrant
16 years ago
i would be much more interested in this, if you made a sequencer to go with it. i only use reaktor standalone.
takeshi nakamura
16 years ago
If loded text file is inserted into New ensemble, performing this becomes possible. (You might change " program" of the property of loaded text file to reaktor before executing this.) Is my intention transmitted in my English?
Donovan Stringer
16 years ago
where did the pretty knobs go? I was looking forward to stealing them from you..