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Original RealTime NoiseReduction


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0.1 (Updated 17 years ago)
January 12, 1999
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Well , this is maybe something original (don't think so, but, heh,please don't use this algorithm to make hardware and other stuff )This is a realtime noise reduction system which is currently connectedto Generator's input.This is mostly aimed at sources like TurnTable and Cassette-players.It is based on a Dynamic Low Pass filter , where cutoff frequency iscontrolled by power of high frequencies.It's very hard to adjust it to work right and not to make the sound dull, I am going to work on this , but currently u need to feed itup with signal which will be as close to max level as possible (leftmeters for both channels show input level, FLT meter shows the amount ofhigh frequencies , out shows the level after my module , and blue metersshow how low pass filter is controlled)It's early beta - comments are necessary - please mail to me withresults.BTW: 10 Meters showing different things look good anyways :)To N-I (Michael Kurz): wanted to ask - what's the right setting for RESO(is it 0.5 ?) so that I didn't have any Gain or Loss at Cutoff frequencyin the filter module I am using here ? (In synths its usually reso=0)(C) Copyright 99' .. oh , stop - can generators instruments becopyrighted ? :)Serj Frost (RayMaxer)Mail me if u find a hardware module with this