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Randomizer for Ableton Live Operator

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1.0 (Updated 16 years ago)
April 28, 2005
Reaktor 5 or lower
Instrument Other


To set this up, you'll need to teach Operator the appropriate midi controllers used in Operand. There is an .als file enclosed in the zip which might do this, but you'll need to check if the mapping is ok.

For each element in Operator the controls are on a different midi channel (OSC A is on channel 11, OSC B is on channel 12 etc)

For each controller the value on the left of the green button in Operand is the one you need to change in order for Operator to learn its midi channel.

The purpose of the green button is to allow or prevent the randomize "Go" button from affecting the controller.
(if you turn the button off, i.e. so it is not green, then randomize will have no effect. its value will be held, while the values of the other controllers will change when you hit Go)

There is a brief explanatory note in the Properties of the Operand instrument.

I've a few ideas for improvements. Currently hitting the Hold/Randomize switch for a controller sends a midi event which can change your Operator settings unexpectedly).


Joseph Lindsey
12 years ago
On Mac OSX it doensn't seem to output any midi? I have "Midi Monitor" running and it doesn't seem to register any output. In contrast, I tried "Freshmaker, and it outputs CC's no problem...
Justin Mokomo
16 years ago
You'll need a free virtual midi cable like Midi Yoke. 1. Load Operand into Reaktor in standalone mode (or as a VST within Bidule). Set Reaktor to send midi out to Midi Yoke Channel 1 2a Set Midi Yoke Channel 1 as 'Midi From' on your Operator Track in Live. 0r 2b Set Midi Yoke Channel 1 as a Remote Control input in Live 3 Check to see if Operand already correctly randomises each controller in Operator by clicking the GO button in Operand. If not, use Midi Learn in Live to map midi messages coming from Reaktor to each control on the Operator GUI.
Oliver Greschke
16 years ago
looks nice and seems to be a good idea, but where/how do I connect the randomizer with operator. Can you upload another *.als example, where it is already included ? would be great !